Founder of Markedu, Michael Leander

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Founder of Markedu, Michael Leander

Michael Leander
Michael LeanderCEO, Founder of Markedu
Marketer, CMO, CEO, employee, entrepreneur, awards judge, speaker and trainer. Mentor to CEO’s and CMO’s. And founder of Markedu. These words sums up my career thus far.

I founded Markedu with an aim help anyone anywhere improve and grow. The credo is the same today as it was in 2009; to provide a quality experience in an industry where just about everyone is focused on quantity.

My aim for Markedu is to be relevant and useful to marketers. And to provide a good mix of inspirational content and actionable content.

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My kids ask me; “Dad, why do you travel so much? Why do you study when you have a job?” 

The answer is simple.

Because I love what I do. Marketing online and offline is fascinating, challenging and ever evolving. I still learn new stuff about marketing and communications every single day.

Planning an activity, preparing the launch and that thrilling feeling of anticipation; “will that campaign be a hit or flop?”, that still excites me very much.

For me, it is easy to get up each and every morning.

Married to Viktoria since 1999. Together we have three lovely children; Valeria, Anastasia and Edward.

When I am not engaging in marketing, I like to travel with my family.

On holidays – and when traveling for business – I tend to read a lot. All kinds of books.  Although I prefer books that will teach me about time and place (anything about Peter the Great, for example). And I prefer to read a real book printed on real paper. Tablets and smartphones are great for many things. But not for reading.

Want to know more about the private side of me, head over to Facebook and have a peak.