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(LIFT) RESPONSE coming to India

The LIFT RESPONSE workshop is coming to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn proven strategies and tactics that are guaranteed to get you more response.

Attendees will learn how to get more response from your website, your blog, your social media efforts, your online campaigns and your email marketing.

The workshop includes interactive exercises. They will be very useful and fun.

Warning! This marketing workshop is strictly for people who are willing to implement the techniques learned. The information was designed to be used right away.

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There are three main reasons why you must attend the (LIFT) RESPONSE workshop in India

  • You will take home at least three powerful techniques that will improve your response in any channel. These techniques can be implemented immediately!
  • You will understand how to attract prospective customers, how to nurture them and then effectively convert them to customers.
  • You will know how to approach any marketing problem correctly. This alone will help you attract more response and more customers without increasing your marketing spend.

The (LIFT) RESPONSE Workshop is coming to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

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About the Speaker: Michael Leander

Michael Leander - LIFT RESPONSE Workshop INDIA

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His first job in marketing began at the tender age of 17 selling subscriptions door-to-door. Since then he has been involved with all aspects of marketing.

He has worked with global brands such as GE, IBM, Philips, Bang & Olufsen and many more. But he also helped small business on the fast track grow through smarter marketing. Importantly, Michael Leander has worked on both the client side and on the agency side.

His corporate background as CMO and CEO in private and public companies has given him a deep understanding of marketing in complex corporate environments. That means he can relate to marketers employed in large organizations. See here what marketers from all over the world say about Michael Leander

A serial entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial ventures taught him how to get results on a shoestring budget.

A testament to his deep and broad knowledge of marketing and marketing technology is the fact that he has judged digital, direct and loyalty marketing awards in 15 countries.

Learn more about Michael Leander here – see what he says on Twitter, on YouTube or engage with him on Facebook here.

Amazing Feedback! See what others have said about Michael Leander

Michael Leander has received endorsements from marketers all over the world. Here is what 3 marketing professionals say about him:

I had the chance to appreciate his warm and pleasant spirit, his eagerness to respond to actual audience needs, his positive attitude and his willingness to not leave the room unless all participants were satisfied with the outcome.

Zozeta Miliopoulou
Zozeta Miliopoulou
Professor at DEREE-The American College of Greece

There is a need to understand and to follow the best practices to built successful initiatives. Michael Leander's knowledge can help on doing so.

Ana Abecasis
Ana Abecasis
Promotion Director at Reader's Digest Portugal

I had the pleasure to attend Michael Leander's Social Media Seminar. He is an excellent speaker, creates great interaction with the audience. This was not the usual lecture, it was a practical lesson

Vasil Vassilev
Vasil Vassilev
Brand Manager at Henkel Bulgaria

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Share the (LIFT) RESPONSE workshop in India with your friends, colleagues and network

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