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Choose from a variety of educational, inspirational and insightful programs. All are aimed to help you grow.

Attend Markedu’s highly rated webinars, or attend seminars, workshops, masterclasses or marketing conferences in different cities.

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Free webinars – see the list here
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Markedu’s innovative and highly popular approach to learning marketing through online seminars – webinars – is gradually winning more and more marketing departments over.

A highly cost-effective way of learning marketing, advertising and communication, Markedu’s webinars feature respected speakers and experts from all fields of marketing. Check the schedule here (all languages overview)

Seminars, Masterclasses and Workshops taking place around the world

Apart from organising webinars related to marketing, advertising and branding, Markedu is also the creator of a number of seminar, masterclass and workshop concepts. Presented by highly experienced speakers or trainers, past topics have focused on social media marketing, email marketing, direct marketing and online marketing, to name just a few.  See the upcoming list of marketing events here

On-demand learning programs and on-demand short courses with Markedu

If you wish to learn something specific, Markedu’s on demand learning products can help you. We focus on bringing you relevant on demand content of the highest quality created and delivered by true experts.

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