IDMD Resources: International Direct Marketing Day Online 2012

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IDMD Resources: International Direct Marketing Day Online 2012

See the presentations and videos from the International Direct Marketing Day Online 2012 full day webinar.

It took place on March 13, 2012. The webinar featured prominent direct marketing experts and practitioners such as Drayton Bird, Yonathan Dominitz, Neil Hart, Akram Raffoul, Alexander Tkachenko and José Guedes.

Brands that love customers find customers that love brands

Speaker: Neil Hart from Boomtown, South Africa, Member of DMASA

[slideshare id=12096110&doc=brandsthatlovecustomers-120321074206-phpapp02]

Download presentation slides here
> See Case Study: Aggreko video here

The rules for breaking DM creativity rules – Behind every successful DM campaign there is always a great creative idea.

Keynote Speaker: Yonathan Dominitz Founder of Mindscapes from Israel

[slideshare id=12096159&doc=ydominitztherulesforbreakingdmrules-120321074405-phpapp01]

This presentation takes us through some of the most creative and effective Direct Marketing and Direct Response campaigns and reveals some rules which help us to break the existing rules and direct our mind to highly creative areas and new ideas.

Download presentation slides here


– The crying invoice
– Maloney & Porcelli: Expense Report Generator
– Delay the Workday
– Mr Delivery – Fire the Chef

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Attracting an unengaged audience – How to get teenagers, the least available and least interested audience to listen & learn

Speaker: Iris Basic from Bouvet Advertising, Norway, Member of NORDMA

[slideshare id=12097701&doc=dmawebinarbouvet-120321085349-phpapp01]

Download presentation slides here

2 campaign studies from the automotive industry: sales acceleration and best retention practice in automotive CRM

Speaker: Akram Raffoul from Jacobsons Direct, UAE

[slideshare id=12097800&doc=winningdmcampaignsmarch2012-120321085938-phpapp01]

Download presentation slides here

“Notification about ceasefire in competition”. The most boring project with 76% response rate and over 4000% ROI

Speaker: Alexander Tkachenko from OS Direct, Ukrainian DMA

[slideshare id=12097847&doc=konkosdirect-120321090131-phpapp02]

Download presentation slides here

“Thank’s for your interest in my brand. You’re now in my online database. No, I won’t ask for your email to send you the news”

Speaker: Razvan Capatina from Business Results, Romania, Member of ARMAD

[slideshare id=12097907&doc=remarketingtools-razvancapatina-120321090452-phpapp02]

Download presentation slides here
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They never dreamed it would work – but the results were astounding

Speaker: Drayton Bird Head of Faculty at EADIM, United Kingdom, the man David Ogilvy said “knows more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world”

[slideshare id=12098084&doc=draytonbird-120321091520-phpapp02]

Download presentation slides here

Drayton Bird’s 51 helpful direct marketing ideas

Share Your Relationship! Whiskas Snacks Case Study

Speaker: José Guedes from TribeCRM, Portugal member of AMD Portugal

[slideshare id=12098195&doc=joseguedeswhiskas-120321092008-phpapp02]

Download presentation slides here

Happiness Between Two Fingers

Speaker: Burak Tuncer from The Sales Machine, Turkey member of DPID

[slideshare id=12098519&doc=etipresentation-120321093016-phpapp01]

Download presentation slides here

5 reasons you should consider adding an app to your campaign mix

Speaker: Sebastian Vaduva, CEO at Appscend – Mobile Experience Igniter, Romania

[slideshare id=12098314&doc=appscendwebinar2012-120321092540-phpapp02] > Download presentation slides here
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