Webinar: How to capture and act on digital conversations in real-time2017-12-13T13:55:50+00:00

Webinar: How to capture and act on digital conversations in real-time

 Attend this free webinar on  12th December 2017 at 10:30 CET – Central European Time (see other timezones below).

See how to engage your customers and stakeholders in real-time and at scale

Effective, long-lasting relationships between people and brands are established through contextual conversations. In the digital world, that has been difficult to do at scale. Until now.

In this webinar, you will see fresh and innovative examples on how to capture and act on digital conversations in real-time.  You will get real case-study based insight derived from over 30 million conversations across 11 countries.

Attend to get fresh inspiration and learn:

  • Why structured conversations are crucial to creating relationships with your stakeholders
  • How acting on insights in real-time help you drive business outcomes
  • How digital conversations in real-time can improve stakeholder experiences
  • How conversations have transformed leading businesses

This webinar is particularly relevant for businesses serving 20.000 or more customers annually. And should be an eye-opener for CMO’s and managers responsible for CX, loyalty, retention, win-back, upselling/cross-selling and folks handling direct customer communication.

Join this free webinar on 12th December 2017 at 10:30h CET

See what time the webinar starts in your time zone:

Europe:  09:30h – London, Lisbon / 10:30h – Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris / 11:30h – Bucharest, Sofia | MEA: 11:30h – Cairo, Johannesburg, Kigali / 12:30h – Nairobi, Kampala / 13:00h – Tehran / 15:00h – New Delhi, Mumbai

About the Speaker: G Ajay Row, Co-founder & CEO, LitmusWorld

G Ajay Row - Digital Stakeholder Conversations WebinarOver 30 years of experience in data-driven marketing, CRM, loyalty and performance marketing. Implemented programs in over 80 countries and taught at leading management institutes globally. Former ED – Aimia India and Alumnus of IIM Calcutta.

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LitmusWorld is a contextual conversations platform to drive measurable outcomes in real-time. Actionable insights are delivered on a dynamic dashboard which allows the touchpoint owner to measure, manage and improve customer experience, performance marketing and employee engagement to achieve business outcomes. Conversations build meaningful relationships between enterprises and their stakeholders that allows organizations to become more competitive and profitable, one conversation, relationship, touchpoint, at a time.