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Digital Marketing Iran. Free webinar for Iranian marketers: Digital marketing tips to improve your digital marketing presence

 Attend this free webinar on 6 March 2017 at 11:30 Tehran time.

Tips to improve digital marketing and conversion optimisation on e-commerce sites, web pages, and landing pages

This webinar is exclusively for marketing professionals in Iran.

Join to learn tips in these areas:

  • best practice tips to improve your digital marketing presence
  • how to get started with successful email marketing
  • how to optimise conversions on landing pages and e-commerce sites
  • how to create high-performance online advertisement campaigns

The webinar is free to attend.

To qualify for your free attendance, your business must reside in Iran. Here’s how it works: signup to attend the live webinar for free. You will receive a link to join the webinar online. The webinar language is English without interpretation.

Join this free webinar on: 6 March 2017 at 11:30 Tehran time

About the Speaker: Michael Leander

Michael Leander - Experience Analytics (Digital Marketing Iran)Michael Leander is an award winning speaker and trainer.  A multichannel and customer lifecycle management advocate, he has been a 1-to-1 and digital marketing practitioner for many years.

About the Speaker: João Ribeiro – GIDMA

João Ribeiro - GIDMA (Digital Marketing Iran)João Ribeiro is a digital marketing and data-driven marketing expert. Hailing from Portugal, mr. Ribeiro has been involved with countless digital marketing and data-driven marketing campaigns.

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GIDMA - Global, Integrated, Data-Driven, Marketing Automation (Digital Marketing Iran)GIDMA consultants are experts in the area of data-driven marketing, marketing automation, and smart email marketing. Go here to learn more

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