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Webinar: New Emotional Eye-Tracking – real-time eye-tracking connected with EEG

Attend this webinar with Sebastian Starzyński to understand how emotional eye-tracking can help marketers get better results.

Eye-Tracking is a useful research technique in the area where it is important to know what attracts human attention (e.g. advertising, in-store marketing). But it does not answer the key question – did the respondent stare at something because he liked it because he was confused about it or he was just not interested.

Of course we can ask respondents but unfortunately, we have to take into account a dose of error due to the fact that people sometimes either lie or are not fully aware of their emotions or behaviour. By connecting Eye-Tracking with EEG we answer those and many other questions.

Attend this unique webinar to understand how new techniques can help marketers get better results. Register now and secure your seat for this exclusive webinar

Webinar: Emotional Eye-Tracking – real time eye-tracking connected with EEG

During the “New Emotional Eye-Tracking” webinar you can learn:

  • How does the human brain work and how can we examine it
  • Why people cannot describe their emotions well or even lie
  • What are the advantages of connecting Eye-Tracking with EEG
  • How can we analyse data and present the results
  • Why do we need new kind of data visualisations
  • How can we interpret data – what is science and what intuition
  • Which marketing fields can benefit the most from that technique

About the speaker: Sebastian Starzyński

Sebastian Starzynski - ABR SESTA

Sebastian Starzyński is a market research expert with more than 15 years of experience. He is passionate about market research, shopper behavior and analysis of social, business and technology trends. In 1996 while still a student he started his own company – ABR SESTA a Market Research Agency based in Warsaw, Poland, which he leads until today.

He also runs a number of e-business companies including PromoPlan – the world’s first platform for full promotion management and TakeTask – the first Polish crowdsourcing market research platform and jointly formed the Polish branch of the Khan Academy. Sebastian has also presented at several conferences as a keynote speaker on topics as market research, big data, and internet of things.

To learn more about Sebastian Starzyński visit

About ABR SESTA (www.abrsesta.com)

ABR SESTA - Market Research Agency

ABR SESTA is a Market Research Agency that offers a full range of research services like consumer research, customer research, business, retail audit research, market analysis). ABR SESTA is specialized in purchasing environmental studies to support sales, category management and trade marketing manufacturers and decision makers in companies, retail and wholesale.

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Wednesday 04 February 2015 from 10:30 to 11:30 CET

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Date: Wednesday 04 February 2015  / Speaker: Sebastian Starzyński