FAQ about webinars

FAQ about webinars2017-12-06T14:00:05+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions about webinars hosted by Markedu

If you have questions about webinars hosted by Markedu, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service at hello@markedu.com. We are here to help. You can see a list of upcoming web seminars here.

Why a webinar?2017-12-06T13:37:29+00:00

Get access to the latest trends and industry developments quickly and easily on your computer, tablet or smartphone. No need to travel or stay overnight at a hotel. Save money on travel expenses and still be able to experience a live online seminar.  Attend from the comfort of your own computer, tablet or smartphone at work or at home.

Any webinar materials are offered in PDF format, you don’t have to print them; you can retain them as computer files to look at whenever you need them.

All of the content of a Webinar is digital, and it is therefore recorded and easily archived. After a live webinar is over, you can still refer back to the presentations discussions, resources, and other Webinar features, if you gain access to a webinar recording – also known as a Webcast.

The community is at the heart of the Internet, Webinars offer an easy means for participants to engage with the speaker as well as one another. Using discussion group technology, all participants are able to explore issues and share knowledge as effectively as they can in a live setting.

Because the Web is based on hyperlinks, Webinars can include links to real-world examples, which are far more effective than static screen shots displayed as part of PowerPoint presentations.

What is a webinar / web-seminar?2017-12-06T13:37:40+00:00

Short for web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop, etc that is transmitted over the Web.  Also referred to as a web-seminar or an online seminar. A key feature of a webinar is that it is interactive—unlike a webcast, in which data transmission goes one way, webinars allow presenters and audience members to give, receive, and discuss information. At Markedu we put emphasis on interaction – hence we seldom allow more than 50 people to attend.

You can see a list of upcoming web seminars here 

Attending a webinar is like attending any seminar. Instead of meeting in a conference room we will meet in a virtual conference room on the web. Joining a meeting is very easy – you just need to click on link and enter the login details we provide you.  You will receive the log-in information from us shortly after you have registered.

How long does a webinar last?2017-12-06T13:37:54+00:00

Most Markedu Webinars typically last 60-70 minutes. Some Webinars are longer, some shorter. Obviously online courses ca be a lot longer, but for longer duration webinars or courses, we try to plan for breaks – just as you would expect when attending seminars or conferences in the physical sense.

How many people can participate per registration?2017-12-06T13:38:03+00:00

Only one, registrations are per individual. Unlike teleseminars, in which many people can sit around a single speakerphone, Webinars involve an online message board. The name of each participant appears on the message board. Just like a live workshop, each individual participant must register separately.

We do however offer special discounts for companies from which more than one person is registering. For more information, please contact Markedu.

How do I register?2017-12-06T13:38:14+00:00

You register on the links provide on the promotional pages for each web-seminar. Fill in the online registration form and we will send a password and log on information to your email account.

You can see a list of upcoming web seminars here.

How do I ask the speaker questions?2017-12-06T13:38:28+00:00

Use the “chat” box.  Simply type your question/comments into the chat box and send it directly to the speaker or to everyone attending the webinar. If you have a headset with microphone, you only need to notify the presenter that you wish to speak. The speaker may answer your question immediately, or the s/he may wait to address your question at a more appropriate time during the presentation.

Do I need a microphone?2017-12-06T13:38:38+00:00

You won’t need a microphone unless you want to speak during the webinar. If you do not have one, you can still participate by using the chat box function.

How does the webinar audio work?2017-12-06T13:38:46+00:00

We use VoIP technology so you don’t need to ‘dial in’ through a phone line. All you need are functioning speakers/ earphones.

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